Profitable business

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Bring your business ideas to life with Conceptum Profitable business is based on perfect knowledge of the legislation.Call 099 70 55 77 for consultation.

Avoid risks

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Insure yourself against possible penalties by choosing an outsourced partnership Prior to the start of the cooperation, a corresponding service contract is signed between the entrepreneur and the outsourcing company.Thus, the outsourcing company undertakes to compensate the possible material damage in case of an error. Avoid risks with Conceptum

CORRECT financial accounting

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In order to understand how successful the business is, how much profit it actually makes, why the money gap occurs, how to correct the situation in case of loss, it is necessary to keep the financial accounting CORRECTLY.These are the important data on the basis of which the entrepreneur makes…

Deployment of accounting systems

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So that the desire to automate the accounting department ելու improve efficiency does not turn into a headache, Conceptum offers a complete package of services for the introduction, support and maintenance of accounting systems. These programs are designed to solve a wide range of accounting and management automation problems. Keep…

When the law works in your favor

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Conceptum. When the law works in your favor The coordinated work of our professional team will enable us to pursue a correct, profitable accounting policy. Knowing the law, you will not only avoid fines, but you will also benefit.

Tax audits

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Tax audits have a number of procedural nuances, the mastery of which helps to avoid unwanted consequences. In preparation for your organization’s tax audit, our experienced team:. Will predict possible scenarios for the development of the situation. Will find the best way to solve it. Will prepare all the necessary…

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Foresight based on reliable accounting forecasts and constant awareness of existing risks are essential for business success.